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40273Re: [ydn-javascript] Re: YUI Compresser could produce shorter output

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  • Randall R Schulz
    Nov 2, 2008
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      On Sunday 02 November 2008 15:30, D. Wayne Fincher wrote:
      > That would be great if it weren't bad programming technique.

      Grotesque! Redundant punctuation does not accentuate readability, and
      any programmer who would make mistakes that result from reading code
      without braces as if it did should either:

      1) Find a new career.
      2) Use Python.

      > I presume you're not suggesting that the compressor take out curly
      > braces if the programmer did use them.

      Redundant is redundant. Why not remove them? Besides, the compressed
      code is not meant for human consumption, it's mean to load ASAP.

      > In which case, we're left with cases where the programmer doesn't use
      > them. But I don't speak for myself here. Every "code conventions" or
      > "programming standards" I've ever read suggests that curly braces
      > always be used.

      Gross. Grotesque! Hideous!!

      Programming is about thinking. Auto-pilot "coding conventions" that try
      to protect the programmer from his own inattention are not ultimately

      Randall Schulz
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