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40Re: [ydn-javascript] Changing layout of tree view

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  • JeremiahMor�ffffe9e
    Feb 14, 2006
      > Can you elaborate on this a bit? The labels should
      > be at the bottom rather than the top of what?

      of everything. Every tree shows the contents below
      the label. I'd like the contents to show up above the

      > The best way to tweak the presentation of the nodes
      > is to create a copy of
      I don't see anything in the css that would allow for
      (nor do I know of any way CSS could) change the
      position in the DOM where objects are inserted.

      > Another approach would be to use YAHOO.util.HTMLNode
      > instead of TextNode, which allows for additional

      > custom presentation, you could even create your own
      > YAHOO.util.Node
      > subclass.

      I'll look into those. Thank you,

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