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  • Bradley Austin Davis
    Oct 1, 2008
      I'm attempting to use the YUI loader in my JSP based application.
      Different pages have different needs, so I typically put a YUI loader
      wherever I need a given set of functionality. Now I want to put a
      global loader in one of the early jsp includes and have its onSuccess
      function set up a number of things for use by the other pages.

      My problem is that contrary to my expectations, the YUI loaders
      execute their onSuccess functions in order of level of dependency and
      then in order of declaration. For instance if I want loader B to
      execute onSuccess after loader A, then B's dependency list must be
      more complex than A's or it must be exactly as complex and declared
      after A.

      Once you start using the loader, you're kind of committed to doing all
      your init stuff in onSuccess functions and having such non-obvious
      rules for the order doesn't help at all. It would be nice if there
      was an order attribute you could put into the config for a loader to
      determine the order of its onSuccess relative to other loaders.