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38Re: [ydn-javascript] Changing layout of tree view

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  • Adam Moore
    Feb 14, 2006
      On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 09:31:48PM -0000, moreejt wrote:
      > I'd like to use the tree view widget but I want the labels to be at
      > the bottom instead of the top. Is this easy to do? or does it
      > require a new procedure to be coded? perhaps a switch to the current
      > methods?

      Can you elaborate on this a bit? The labels should be at the bottom rather
      than the top of what?

      The best way to tweak the presentation of the nodes is to create a copy of
      the provided style sheet (css/default/tree.css in the distribution) and
      modify the associated styles to suit your needs. ygtvitem and ygtvchildren
      are containers you may want apply additional styles to, and ygtvlabel is the
      href that contains the label for TextNode node implementations.

      Another approach would be to use YAHOO.util.HTMLNode instead of TextNode,
      which allows for additional presentational markup. For a completely
      custom presentation, you could even create your own YAHOO.util.Node

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