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377how do I access events in the basic Calendar?

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  • casiewelch
    Mar 2, 2006
      Hi there folks -

      I like the Calendar widget, nice work. Adds a lot of
      functionality. However, I am banging my head against the wall
      trying to figure out how to set up events for the basic Calendar.

      The documentation states that Calendar inherits event-related
      methods from YAHOO.widget.Calendar_Core such as wireDefaultEvents.

      The documentation states that wireDefaultEvents "Wires the local DOM
      events for the Calendar, including cell selection, hover, and
      default navigation that is used for moving back and forth between
      calendar pages."

      However, there is no list of events, their names, or (seemingly) any
      documentation on how to listen to or access any of these events.

      Could someone please enlighten me as to how to use the default
      events associated with the basic Calendar widget? An example that
      triggered an alert box when a cell is selected in the Calendar would
      be ideal.


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