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37027Calendar on Tab works first time only

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  • Pete Isburgh
    Sep 1, 2008
      Goal: hook a Calendar widget onto some AJAX driven content on a Tab.

      Current design: after 'contentReady', build DIV element with id and
      insert in dynamic content where the Calendar constructor will hook it.

      Issue: Works fine the first time Tab is clicked. If switch to another
      Tab and back, Calendar is lost from DOM and will not render. What am I
      missing? So far Firebug has not helped explain this.

      Should the first Calendar be manually removed from DOM at
      'beforeContentChange' event?

      Can a permanent Calendar be constructed in a different part of DOM
      which is appended to Tab content after 'contentReady' then removed at
      'beforeContentChange' ?

      What is the best practice?