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37013TreeView - Custom style for leafs

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  • matthew_be
    Sep 1, 2008

      Whenever I load the data of the nodes,I check if the loaded nodes are

      If so, I set the node property isLeaf to true, and I want to apply a
      custom style on the node's html.

      var tmpNode = new YAHOO.widget.TextNode(myObj, node, false);
      if(arr[2] == 'leaf') {
      tmpNode.isLeaf = true;
      if( document.getElementById(tmpNode.getElId()) )
      alert('node in DOM');

      The problem is that the node doesn't seem to be in the document yet,
      and document.getElementById(tmpNode.getElId()) is false
      Thus I cannot access it to apply a custom style to it.

      Can anyone help ?

      Thank you!
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