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3578Dialog Buttons , how to pass parameters to their handlers?

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  • Levan Dvalishvili
    Aug 1, 2006

      For Dialog Obj I want to pass parameters to functions  that listen to  built in button click actions


      Example :

      var myButtons = [ { text:"Submit", handler:this.filterDialogContainer.handleSubmit, isDefault:true }, { text:"reset to Default", handler:this.filterDialogContainer.handleDefault },

                    { text:"Cancel", handler:this.filterDialogContainer.handleCancel } ];



      I want to pass a parent object as parameter to handleSubmit function, since inside the function soce changes to dialog itself, how would I do that? Is it possible

      Something similar as it’s  done with event handler subscription :

      this.filterDialogContainer.dialog.manualSubmitEvent.subscribe(this.filterDialogContainer.handleManual, this, true);


      or maybe I have to tell it to adjust scope and give me this to be the parent object of the function that handles that buttons click?



      Best Regards.

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