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35404Re: IE 7 YUI Connection Manager File Upload problem

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  • dietrich.frank
    Aug 1, 2008
      > I am trying to do an asynchronous file upload and display the files
      > that were uploaded on the same page. The following code works
      > perfectly in Firefox 2 and 3. In IE, when I click upload, it send me
      > the response back in a new page, ignoring the Asynchrounous call.
      > Does anyone know why this would be?

      I lately had an issue driving me up the wall where something did not
      work in IE and I could not see why. It turned out that I obviously hit
      a keyword. A simple underscore was the cure.

      So, this is just a shot in the dark but in

      <input type="file" name="target" size="80" />  
      <input type="button" value="Upload" onclick="uploadFile()"...

      name="target" could be misinterpreted as You would normally
      target="_blank" in a link. That would answer why the response lands in
      a new browser instance.

      Try to rename "target", maybe it helps
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