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3448Re: Animation Issues since upgrade to 0.11.2

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  • vividsilvernl
    Jul 28, 2006

      No flickering for me on W2K, IE6 (latest updates).


      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "caigesn" <caigesn@...> wrote:
      > I have recently upgraded YUI to version 0.11.2 from 0.10.0 and am
      > experiencing some strange animation issues. There are basically
      > containers on the page. The left and right containers follow you as
      > you scroll down the page. The center container is intended for
      > content. In version 0.10.0 the animation works fine, but in version
      > 0.11.2 the left container flickers after it is done animating. If I
      > reverse the order in which I initialize the left and right
      > then the flickering will happen on the right container. I have setup
      > the example on my site:
      > YUI Version 0.10.0
      > http://www.sevenblend.com/followMe_yui_10
      > YUI Version 0.11.2
      > http://www.sevenblend.com/followMe_yui_112
      > I have the source for this example loaded into a syntax highlighter
      > the center container. The scripts/loadPage.js initializes the
      > animation and sets the onscroll events for the containers. If anyone
      > knows what might be causing this issue please respond.
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