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34RE: [ydn-javascript] Serializing DOM components

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  • gerry@xltopia.co.uk
    Feb 14, 2006



      Have you got any SIMPLE examples of scriptaculous drag and drop and sorts?  I’m currently planning to “portalize” my website, with customizable content and layout.  I’ve briefly looked at scriptaculous and rico, as well as a few others but the documentation is almost non-existent.





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      Subject: [ydn-javascript] Serializing DOM components


      Hello all, I have a question about the Serialization of DOM
      components. I am currently using the scriptaculous API for various
      drag and drop components, sorting lists, etc. It can be found at the


      Although this API is pretty amazing for what you can do, it gets a bit
      shaky when it comes to incorporating some of its functionality into
      scrollable containers. I'm curious how the Yahoo! UI Library handles
      this sort of thing.

      1 good thing about scriptaculous is its ability to serialize entire
      DOM containers via a simple call. I need this functionality in
      whatever i choose going forward. Does anyone know if the Yahoo! UI
      Library provides for this kind of functionality?

      Thank you so much for your knowledge and opinions.



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