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33688YUI Profiler statistics aren't consistent always.

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  • narendra reddy
    Jul 2, 2008
      Hi there,
      We are using YUI Profiler to profile our Javascript APIs.
      Interestingly, the values are increasing when we run YUI Profiler for the same API repeatedly.
      Ideally, the values should have decreased from second run onwards, as caching comes into picture.
      For example :
      API : harnessResize()
      1st run                     2nd run                    3rd  run
      78msec                  63msec                  109msec
      Why is the 3rd run value greater?.
      Also, even the 1st run value isn’t always consistent. That is, when we re-open the browser, then we are getting different value(s).
      Please let us know the exact reason behind this weird behavior.
      Narendra Reddy.Manchala.
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