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33625Re: Re: [ydn-javascript] newbie rollercoster excited=>coming off danger list

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  • andyboyns
    Jul 1, 2008
      Satyam-3 wrote:
      > Plenty of those in the examples page:
      > http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/examples/datatable/index.html
      > The article explain why it works, you can get full examples from plenty
      > of sources.
      I'm still trying really hard to understand basic principles, and have
      successfully walked through part of the example which is explained in

      Unfortunately, and surprisingly, although I've searched and searched for
      examples showing the full process of collecting, writing, and posting data
      using a datatable I can't find any examples which don't mix up

      I appreciate that in this forum we're sharing experience and are not
      actually "teachers", but YUI is seriously confusing for the beginner without
      jscript knowledge.

      Unfortuately I made a choice several years ago to follow the asp path,
      rather than php, and today I see a similar path before me: YUI or not. I've
      spent about a week just trying to fathom out how to write data onto a
      table... I feel great about that (?), but without that next step of being
      able to communicate back with the database on the server, this is
      OK. I know there are snippets of code that illustrate this, but they are a
      jumble of examples. If someone could direct me to an inline editing database
      example which includes the collection and posting of data from start to
      finish, I know I'll be off and flying, wondering why it all took so long
      (and I'll close this topic off too)
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