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33616Where the stop occur

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  • malutanpetronel
    Jun 30 8:13 PM
      var nodesToExpand = rec._oData.chain_objid.split(",");
      var n = nodesToExpand.length;
      do {
      var id = nodesToExpand[m];
      var nodeToExpand = tree.getNodeByProperty("id", id);
      nodeToExpand.setDynamicLoad(dataFunction, 1);
      while (m<n);

      So I have a async req which always return a list of nodes like
      A,B,C,D and at least A exist in the tree and if A is expanded the B
      will also exists but maybe because LoadNodeData, I can expand only
      first level : the A node ? If I click again I get A and also B
      expanded and if i click again i will have also C ok and so on !
      that's why maybe i am thinking LoadNodeData is the problem ?

      Can you anyone see where the stop occur ? I see no errors in

      With kind regards