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3227Re: "Skinning" the YUI

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  • mori57
    Jul 24, 2006
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      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "Hans Hübner"
      <hans.huebner@...> wrote:
      > 2006/7/21, mori57 <mori57@...>:
      > > My apps reside behind a firewall, and I can't rely on the idea that
      > > users will always have access to the public internet. [...]
      > > I'm loathe to have to re-edit the YUI files that I've had to edit to
      > > make images work properly for my apps... if I want to use the compact
      > > versions, I have to edit those as well, or compress the Javascript
      > > files myself.
      > To us, this is a problem as well. We are using the library in
      > embedded products that are typically used in environments completely
      > detached from the Internet. Presently, I'm hand-importing the source
      > from the distribution tree, but this is very annoying and prone to
      > errors.
      > In general, I was a bit disturbed when I discovered strange relative
      > paths and absolute URLs in this otherwise well-engineered library. I
      > can only hope that this area has been left for further improvement,
      > and that this improvement will happen soon.
      > I would prefer to see the tool to create the build tree from the real
      > sources be included in the distribution. This will be the only real
      > way to change the library and follow new releases, as otherwise the
      > -min, -debug and standard version will run out of sync with the Yahoo!
      > version.
      > The build tool is the right place to perform global path replacement,
      > but having the paths be configurable at run-time would be a Good
      > Thing, too. I'm just not sure whether background image paths stored
      > in CSS files can be changed at run-time - Maybe it is possible through
      > the styles object.
      > If things stay as they are, there will be hundreds of forks for the
      > library because it simply cannot be used without manually editing at
      > least the CSS files.
      > -Hans

      I agree. As for the question of whether background image paths could
      be changed at run time, you could do so either via the process of
      creating your CSS files dynamically (via server-side scripting) or
      through client-side manipulation. I don't think there's any reason you
      couldn't override the style through script... though that might be
      more involved and a heavier client-side solution, as the change would
      have to be made for each request to your system.
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