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31958Re: [ydn-javascript] Get utility, IE, onreadystatechange and memory leak

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  • Arnaud Diederen
    Jun 2, 2008
      Adam Moore wrote:
      On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 10:25:58AM -0000, yaundro wrote:
      judging from what I can see in the windows process explorer, by
      looking at the Get.js code, and in IE7's new js-memoryleak toolbar's
      reported leaks (set up so that it also reports IE6 leaks), it appears
      In IE, the "onreadystatechange" handler that is attached to the
      <script> and <link> nodes is not removed when the resource is done
      loading; which can lead to memory leaks.
      [Note that the "onreadystatechange" handler is removed when an
      "autopurge" occurs, but those happen every 20 node insertion.]
      Should I file a bug in the tracker?
      Yes, the tracker is the right place for this.  Please file a report,
      and I'll look into it.

      Thank you!



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