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31953Rich Text Editor's Underline CSS fails in multiple browsers

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  • shamrog12
    Jun 1, 2008
      I just started using Rich Text Editor and found something that I didn't know if anyone else
      could comment on. In order to simulate an underline the RTE executes the following line of
      code to replace the deprecated <u> with a <span> and inline CSS text-decoration. The
      problem I'm having exists around the fact that this apparently isn't valid CSS (text-decoration
      and firefox (and I think i'm seeing Safari do it too) removes that unrecognized style
      declaration which in turn removes the underline when the JSON data is returned to the

      Firefox gives this response when watching with Firebug: Unknown property '"text-
      decoration'. Declaration dropped.

      The example I'm using on my local web server is the one found at:

      Has anyone else run into this problem? This seems to be the only "illegal" CSS use in the
      RTE. I searched for comments about this from others but found nothing.

      Thoughts? Observations? Insight? I believe that IE renders the underline text as desired
      using the "illegal" CSS so IE-only users might not have noticed this.
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