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31938DataTable works, but not when included as dataSrc of a TabView Tab

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  • Todd Wells
    Jun 1, 2008
      I have a standalone page, based on the DataTable JSON example, that loads a DataTable.  It initializes, like the example, by listening to the window load event.  This page works and displays the DataTable as expected.

      However, when I refer to this page as the dataSrc for a YUI TabView Tab, the page loads but the DataTable is never initialized.
             tabView.addTab( new YAHOO.widget.Tab({
      // tab=2
      label: 'All Outcomes',

      dataSrc: "/outcomes/26",
      cacheData: true,
      active: false
      I can see in firebug that there is no attempt to retrieve the JSON, and the javascript on the page with the DataTable doesn't appear to ever execute.

      Is this because the javascript in the DataTable's page is initialized in the window load event?  I'm hoping for suggestions to get this working.y
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