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28459Re: [ydn-javascript] datatable and checkbox

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  • hemant kolte
    Apr 1, 2008
      i have seen ur example it's helping me a lot .the only problem in that example is when i click on check box status of check box doesn't change .if it is  checked and on click it should be unchecked .how to change or update that that check box.

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      The DataTable fires the checkboxClickEvent and you can do whatever you want with that. 

      In http://satyam. com.ar/yui/ 2.5.0/assortedCo ntrols.html I showed how you can send that information to the server on each click because that is what many people ask, but you are certainly not forced to do so.  If you have sortable columns, you have to update the recordset for each click so that on sorting the checked boxes don't get lost, but you don't need to communicate that to the server and you certainly can keep a separate array of your own in parallel with this.


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      is it possible to save checked values in array to check by javascript so that we can make less server trip.
      suppose i have checked on 1st row and 3rd row then i need to store that true values in array and later go to database and check to delete or to modify or to move.
      plz help me.

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