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28449Re: [ydn-javascript] MenuBar Menu vs Submenu alignment

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  • Todd Kloots
    Apr 1, 2008
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      "sanvich" -

      The easiest way to customize the "submenualignment" configuration
      property is to use a render event handler. The render event will fire
      for each menu - the root menu bar and each submenu - and you can use the
      "parent" property to determine the current depth and set the
      "submenualignment" configuration property to the appropriate value for
      that depth.

      oMenuBar.subscribe("render", function () {

      var oParent = this.parent;

      if (oParent) {

      if (oParent instanceof YAHOO.widget.MenuBarItem) {

      // immediate submenu of the menubar

      else {

      // submenus of the immediate submenus of the menubar


      else {

      // the menu bar



      Let me know if that doesn't work or make sense.

      - Todd

      sandvich wrote:
      > By default, a Menubar's menus align their top-left corners to their
      > parents' bottom-left corners. The /submenus/ of these menus, however,
      > align their top-left corners to their parents' top-right corners.
      > This is all fine and dandy, until you get to customizing things. For
      > example, I'm building a RTL site (in Hebrew), and I want to get the
      > exact same behavior from the menubar as normal, just /with right and
      > left switched around/. So, I want the menus to align their top-*right*
      > corners with their parents' bottom-*right* corners, and the submenus
      > to align their top-*right* corners with their parents' top-*left* corners.
      > The problem is that when I use the submenualignment property, it
      > cascades down to all the menus and submenus as one. So both the
      > top-level menus and the submenus align themselves to the same corners.
      > Am I missing something, or is there no way to configure the
      > tr/tl/br/bl values of submenus independ ently of the top-level menus?
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