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28426CSS grids: is there a recommended way to add css to grids?

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  • Jim Byrne
    Apr 1, 2008

      I'm been looking at the YUI CSS grids and would like to adopt the
      approach for a project - but I'm a bit lost as to how I add my own
      styles to the basic grids. I don't mean I don't know how to use CSS, I
      mean what's the best way to apply my own css rules to an existing grid?

      Is there a recommended approach?

      Do I just use the existing id's as hooks for my own extra padding,
      background images, colours and so on? Will this break the grid?

      I've done some searching and browsed the YUI website but can't find
      anything that points me in the right direction.

      Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

      All the best,
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