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28405RE: [ydn-javascript] Re: Shut down Chart before removal ?

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  • Josh Tynjala
    Mar 31, 2008
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      I’ve added a simple destroy() function that kills all DataSource listeners and removes the SWF from the DOM, which seems to work fine. It should be available in the next version of YUI.

      Josh Tynjala


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      Same issue here. Removing the chart's DIV from the DOM directly results in the same error previously mentioned. Is there a workaround / solution for this?


      On 1/25/08, tntnashtm123 <nash.rsa@gmail. com> wrote:

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      > There's no special way to "shut it down". I think
      you'd be safe simply
      > removing the div.
      > Josh Tynjala
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      > Subject: [ydn-javascript] Shut down
      class=st>Chart before removal ?
      > Hi
      > To dynamically remove
      class=q> a chart how do I "shut it down" ? before I
      > remove
      class=q> its parent div ?
      > Thanks
      > Tim

      I get the following from FireBug if I delete the parent div

      this._swf.setDataPr ovider is not a function
      _loadDataHandler("", Object results=[6] tId=9,
      undefined)charts- experiment. .. (line 878)
      handleResponse("", Document , function(), Chart yuigen5 _queue=[0]
      _events=Object _configs=Object, 9)datasource- beta-m... (line 8)
      DataSource(Object tId=9 status=200 statusText=OK) datasource- beta-m...
      (line 7)
      setProgId(Object conn=XMLHttpRequest tId=9, Object scope=DataSource
      instance0 timeout=0, undefined)connectio n-min.js (line 7)
      setProgId()connecti on-min.js (line 7)
      [Break on this error] this._swf.setDataPr ovider(dataProvi der,
      styleChanged) ;



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