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28391Autocomplete - how to populate it with data from code

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  • restless.being
    Mar 31, 2008
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      I have an autocomplete field on my page. It is set up and it
      generally works well. But...

      My problematic use case starts when a user opens my form (which
      includes an autocomplete field) in edit mode. Then the autocomplete
      shows with a value which is set via html "input" tag's "value"
      attribute. This is ok - I'm going to edit some data.

      The problem appears when the autocomplete field receives and then
      looses focus. Then the field's value disappears. This happends
      because autocomplete has "forceSelection = true" and because there
      was no query sent to the server to load data into autocomplete field.

      My question is how can I load some data into my autocomplete field so
      that it won't clear itself? I tried my_autocomplete.sendQuery
      ('params') but it caused autocomplete's suggestion div to show up.
      This is not what I'd like to see after I enter any edit form.

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