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2761Re: how "public" is YAHOO.util.Connect._sFormData?

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  • Thomas S. Sha
    Jul 4, 2006
      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "Randal L. Schwartz"
      <merlyn@...> wrote:

      > Yes, unfortunately, what I have is a big container form that has
      everything interesting on the
      > page, and multiple buttons for user-driven actions. However, I also
      want to access some
      > hidden state variables in my async request, and the "most lazy"
      method is to simply take the
      > entire monster form and push it up via XHR, but with an extra flag
      that says "but this is to do
      > async request #1".
      > Thanks for your comment. I still need to confirm that my
      reacharound is not going to bite
      > me in future YUI releases. If any Y! developer is paying attention,
      please tell me. Thanks.

      No guarantees. Since _sFormData isn't declared as a public member,
      you *may* run into issues if Connection Manager no longer requires
      this member. But, in all likelihood, that won't happen until a major
      version revision occurs.

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