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2743Autocomplete Width Problem in FireFox

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  • wendy.xmwu
    Jul 3, 2006
      Hi All,
      I'm using the Yahoo Auto complete control in my application. Since
      the suggested item is composed of 4 different sub-items and the
      whole string text will be very long.
      1. When running in IE, the whole text can be shown well by expanding
      the width of the Container.
      2. But in Firefox, the container can't be expanded thus the text
      beyong the container width can't be shown.

      I also tried to use the following attribute to set the horiental
      feature, but seems it doesn't work.
      oAutoComp.animHoriz = true;

      Can anyone help to give me any suggestion on how to solve this
      problem in Firefox so that the whole suggestion item can be shown or
      a horiental scrollbar can be shown?


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