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26771Memory allocation

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  • nahueldefosse
    Mar 4 7:19 PM
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      I want to turn our current application into a total aysnchronous
      applications so when the user clicks on the main menu, a div in the
      page gets loaded. I've decided to create a Loader class, which would
      manage what the browser does whenever the user clicks a link. My
      applications is divided in many subpages, each its own logic. I've set
      up a custom namespace for each 'logical' set of pages. For example,
      YAHOO.myapp.houses (handles /houses/view/1/, /houeses/, etc),
      YAHOO.myapp.cars, YAHOO.myapp.owners and so on.
      When a link is clicked, or the main menu is pressed, I destroy de HTML
      of the main content, but I don't know how to free the memory of the
      widgets created in that context.
      I tried to do something like
      for (var obj in YAHOO.myapp.houses){
      } catch (err) {}
      but I not every YAHOO widget has destroy() and even those which has
      that mehtod doesn't seem to get deleted.
      Any advice will be greatly apprecitaed.