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2662autocomplete and help on this group

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  • harshanagesh
    Jun 28, 2006
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      Wondering if anybody can please post a working example of
      autocomplete text box with a vertical scroll bar ?

      In general help on this group stinks. I have been trying to get help
      on this very same topic for the last 3 weeks and have posted atleast 4
      times. Postings in this group just inundate on topics ranging from
      general javascript questions to specific ones and soon genuine
      questions get lost in crosstalk. This library is in its version 0.11
      and if help at this early stage is so flawed, I am not sure what
      should we expect in future from folks at yahoo. Projects that are much
      more mature seem to have better online user base and support. I am
      indeed venting my frustration as I think there can be a better channel
      in which we can perhaps have a different avenue to post questions on
      specific subtopics. Perhaps folks at yahoo suggest ?

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