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26551Re: ColumnChart isn't working with TimeAxis

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  • d.zhiharev
    Mar 1, 2008
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      I'll try to explain my needs. I want to display month system activity
      (count of successfull and failed transactions per day). On some days
      (e.x. weekend) there is no any activity. My server returns something
      like this:

      [{day:"01.01.01", fcnt:3, scnt:2},
      {day:"02.01.01", fcnt:4, scnt:6},
      {day:"05.01.01", fcnt:4, scnt:0},
      {day:"07.01.01", fcnt:4, scnt:4},
      {day:"08.01.01", fcnt:3, scnt:2},
      {day:"09.01.01", fcnt:2, scnt:2},

      As you can see, there are no any activities on 03.01.01 and 06.01.01

      If I use CategoryAxis, Operator will not be able to determine this
      days, becouse there are no holes on chart.

      On the other hand, if I use TimeAxis with LineChart, Operator will
      see direct line between 02.01.01 and 05.01.01 and will think, that on
      03.01.01 was 4 successfull and 3 failed transactions.

      The only way I know to resolve this problem is using TimeAxis with
      ColumnChart. Some charting tools can display such chart (e.x. MS
      Excel 2007).

      To get similar behavior I use ColumnChart with CategoryAxis and
      insert missing records in apropriate position. I think, what
      ColumnChart should also use CategoryAxis, calculate minor unit and
      inserts missing data automatically by itself in this case.

      By the way, there is a problem with ColumnChart with CategoryAxis. If
      XAxis title long anough, then last category column moved out of plot
      area. I can post code example, if it needed.

      Best regards,
      Dmitry Zhiharev

      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "Josh Tynjala" <jtynjala@...>
      > This is the expected behavior. A ColumnChart, by design, may only
      use a
      > CategoryAxis for its xAxis value. Similarly, a BarChart can only
      use a
      > CategoryAxis for its yAxis value. The reasoning behind this
      > is that columns and bars from multiple series are meant to cluster
      > around a single point (the category). This involves offsetting
      them a
      > bit to make them all appear side by side. That simply doesn't make
      > on a TimeAxis where the positioning is so important.
      > Josh Tynjala
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      > I want to display ColumnChart on TimeAxis, but see nothing.
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