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24944Drag Drop resizing of Player after Dropped

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  • Ron Park
    Feb 3, 2008
      I'm just starting to learn how to use the yui. I have to say that the
      object oriented language is so hard to comprehend, and I still can't
      figure out how all these drop down functions are getting called.

      Anyways, I am trying to enhance the Drop Down Interaction Group
      example. I want to have the Slots be very large, but keep the Players
      the same size as the example. When the small Player is Dropped on to a
      large Slot, I want the Player to then resize to match the size of the
      Slot. I'm able to resize the Slots and move organize them
      appropriately, and that is where I am completely lost. I've tried
      adding code to the 'onDragDrop: function', but as I mentioned above, I
      have no idea what's going on.

      Anyone have any advice they can give me, on this specific example, or
      just in general how to understand this code? I do understand the basic
      of what an object, attribute and functions are, but I'm just missing
      what kicks off the code and how it all works from there.... =)