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24847RE: [ydn-javascript] YUI Compressor 2.2.3 Javascript JSON minifying: "delete" > delete

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  • Julien Lecomte
    Jan 31, 2008
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      This has already been fixed in version 2.3.1 of the compressor. No need to file it.






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      Subject: [ydn-javascript] YUI Compressor 2.2.3 Javascript JSON minifying: "delete" > delete



      I'm new to this group, so I hope this is the right place to report a
      little problem we had with YUI Compressor, 2.3.

      A javascript file that had a javascript object similar to this:


      was minified to


      This resulted in parse errors for that file in (at least) Safari; I
      guess because 'delete' is a reserved keyword in Javascript.

      The problem was solved by renaming the delete key to something else,
      but maybe YUI Compressor shouldn't drop the quotes for keys that are
      keywords in the Javascript language?



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