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24753Re: Continuous Update of DataTable

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  • ayigal
    Jan 30, 2008

      I'm using the "sortable" option on the datatable columns and the
      continuous update resets the sorting that was done by the user. Is
      there anyway to refresh the data and keep the existing sorting?
      Alternatively is there a way to make the server do the sorting?


      -- Asaf.

      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "Satyam" <satyam@...> wrote:
      > The DataTable cannot help you with that, it will replace one set of
      data with the new one so you will have nothing to compare it with.
      You can, though, separate the retrieval of data from its presentation
      so that you have a chance to process it (in this case compare it with
      a previous version of the same) and then provide it to the DataTable
      (with the extra 'color' information added) for it to display it. Once
      the DataTable gets the data, it can use a formatter function on any of
      its columns to read the color information and paint the row whichever
      way you want it.
      > Satyam
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      > From: nihar bhatt
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      > Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 1:51 PM
      > Subject: Re: [ydn-javascript] Continuous Update of DataTable
      > Thanks !!! that was my fault...
      > Well now the scenario is
      > When Old data in a data table changes by the new Response at that
      time i
      > want to make a check ... like comparing values..... old with new
      and based on that i
      > want to change color of a particular cell.
      > like in Market watch for stock market......
      > if the rate of a particular company changes then we have to flash
      that cell to indicate the change in a stock price.
      > Hope you understand the problem
      > Thanks .....
      > ntimesc
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