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23329RE: [ydn-javascript] Re: LinesCharts - Series color and markers

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  • Josh Tynjala
    Jan 2, 2008

      You can build a combination chart with one series displaying lines and another with bars right now:


      See this example for implementation details:




      I will file a feature request for shading under a line (also known as an area chart).


      Josh Tynjala

      Yahoo! Flash Platform


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      > Karl, I added an empty style object to the second series, and it started
      > working for me. Definitely a bug.

      and the worst thing? I want to style the other series anyway. Cheers
      very much for your help. Look forward to future improvements on the
      charts, would be nice to be able to combine lines with bars, or to
      have the option of shading the area under the line.

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