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23304Menu problem - autosubmenudisplay doesn't work

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  • vkiriloff
    Jan 2, 2008
      Am I the only one who understands this parameter of the main menu as a
      parameter which should work also for submenus. Namely when there is a
      menu with 3 items and one of them has another 3 items then the user
      would need to click once on the main menu level and once more on the
      sublevel to open the whole menu. Currently the autosubmenudisplay
      works only on the top level and on the lower ones one doesn't need to

      Now if the definition in source is:
      " Boolean indicating if submenus are automatically made
      visible when the user mouses over the menu's items."

      then I expect it to need a click for each submenu.

      Am I reading this wrong or can I do it the way I want somehow?
      Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
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