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23293get cell value of selected row in datatable. Help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

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  • manhtuanquan78
    Jan 1, 2008
      Hi All.
      I want to setup a method:
           function getCellValueOfSelectedRow(colName){
                 //TODO : how to do it???

                 return cellValue

      In that:
       -@parameter is: - colName: column Name
       - purpose of method: get value of cell in seleted row with column name
      For example: I have a datatable:
      COL1 |  COL2  |  COL3
      aaa    |  bbb   |  ccc
      ddd  |  eee   |  fff
      ggg    |  hhh   |  kkk

      ( only second row is selected)
      If i call method: getCellValueOfSelectedRow("COL3") -> It will return "fff"

      How to setup this method??? Please help me. THank you!
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