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21743Re: [ydn-javascript] DataSource Using URL w/ Query Parameters

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  • Randall R Schulz
    Dec 3, 2007
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      On Monday 03 December 2007 09:27, Randall R Schulz wrote:
      > ...
      > While I try to sort out the problems Grails seems to be having with
      > POST requests, at least some of them, is there a way to get DataTable
      > / DataSource to use a GET to retrieve its data? I wasn't able to find
      > anything that suggests I can control this (but using such a common
      > word as "GET" in a web search tends to confound things).

      Welcome (me) to the world of open source development (on the bleeding
      edge). It _was_ a Grails problem and the fix went into the snapshot
      builds earlier this morning.

      > Also, GET seems much more appropriate for a pure information
      > retrieval operation, which surely characterizes any request whose
      > purpose is to populate a client-side data structure or display. Why
      > do DataSource / DataTable use POST?

      I'd still like to know if GET is an option. I found one Nabble entry
      where a person was asking if he could use POST instead of GET, which
      suggests it is, or at least was, possible. But I still haven't found
      any details on how to control which HTTP request method is used by
      DataSource and / or DataTable.

      Randall Schulz
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