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21735Re: [ydn-javascript] DataSource Using URL w/ Query Parameters

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  • Randall R Schulz
    Dec 3, 2007
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      On Monday 03 December 2007 00:53, Satyam wrote:
      > It is better to place the query arguments in the configuration
      > options of the DataTable constructor, in the fourth argument

      "Better" suggests there's an alternative.

      > var myDataTable = new
      > YAHOO.widget.DataTable(container,myColumnDef,myDataSource,{initialReq
      > In that way, if you reuse the DataSource for server-side paging,
      > sorting or just refreshing the data from the database,

      That won't happen. This is not a database-backed application: there is
      no paging and never will be any.

      > the URL stored
      > in the DataSource does not include the arguments for an initial
      > request, which might not be suitable for further requests.

      But in my case it is fixed and there will only ever be one request.

      > Besides,
      > if you use POST requests, having the URL split like this will put the
      > arguments in the post data. Nevertheless, I'm surprised that you
      > won't get the arguments on the server side. Where you looking for
      > them along the post data? They wouldn't be there even if you set the
      > connection to post because you explicitly placed them in the query
      > string.

      The server is a Grails applicatino, and it handles POST without

      > Satyam

      Randall Schulz
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