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21712Panel with modal=true

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  • dragonqris
    Dec 2, 2007
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      Hi all,

      I am trying to use a panel with the modal set to true, actually it is
      a loading image only for AJAX processing indicator. And I use
      struts-tiles for the layout, will that cause any effect on the panel?

      My problem now is that the panel layer does not cover up the whole
      page when the browser is not maximized.

      For example, the page is divided into Zone A, Zone B and Zone C
      The panel just cover up Zone A and half of Zone B, but when I scroll
      down the page, the modal layer does not move along and the components
      below are shown and available to be clicked.

      May I know if there's any problem of my configuration or did I miss
      out anything?

      ps: there will be perfectly no problem when the browser is Maximized.

      Thank you very much.