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21709Re: DataTable : How to get data in js array

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  • Ryan V. Bayona
    Dec 2, 2007
      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "Ryan V. Bayona" <r2b2_ry@...>
      > Hi,
      > i've been following the basic examples in using the DataTable. So far
      > so good, i have the following questions by the way. Hope the gurus
      > here can enlighten me . :)
      > 1. How can i get the data in the js array once i clicked on the Row?
      > on the examples,it says:
      > myDataTable.subscribe("rowClickEvent",
      > myDataTable.onEventSelectRow);
      > My goal is get the contents of this row in the Datasource..
      > 2. How can i delete or remove items in the datasource?
      > For example, i have a multi-select row in my table and i have a
      > button "delete selected items" which when clicked will delete the
      > selection from the table, and the datasource.
      > 3. How can i submit the DataSource to the server so i can process it
      > on the server side..( im using PHP,, just the submit method will do i
      > can view it on PHP anyway)
      > Thats it for now.. thank you so much!
      > -Ryan

      in response to number 2, the DataTable.deleteRows method is not
      working for me :
      //if clicked, it will delete the selected rows
      <a href="#" onclick="javascript:deleteItem()">delete item</a>

      function deleteItem()



      its not doing anything at all.. is there something i did wrong?
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