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20368Using Menu in ASP.Net site

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  • netomatixajax
    Nov 2, 2007
      I am seeing a very different behavior when i open
      "topnavfrommarkup_source.html" example file as local file or as part
      of a web site.
      when i open the HTML file in IE by using file path
      "C:\examples\topnavfrommarkup_source.html" I get correct styles
      applied to the menu bar etc.
      But when i open the file as part of existing web site then all the
      styles on the menu bar does not seem to work at all. All items have
      big padding around them, no idicators for sub items. I simply open the
      page by typing
      "http://localhost/MytestYUI/topnavfrommarkup_source.html" and then all
      hell breaks loose.

      What am I missing? This has been driving me crazy for almost a day now.