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20105TabView and .Net 1.1 Postbacks

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  • wmlpez
    Oct 29, 2007
      Hello. Sorry for the newbie js question. I'm using the
      tabview in a .net 1.1 web app (maintenence app not my
      doing). The issue I have is after a postback is
      complete the page resets the activeTabIndex. How do I restore the tab
      to the selected tab before the postback( using the activeTabChange
      event)? I'm not sure how to wire the event. I was thinking that during
      the firing of the activeTabChange event I would set a hidden field
      with the tab index then during the page load read the hidden field
      then set focus to the proper tag. I'm open to any suggestions to
      accomplish this in the most elegant manner (code snippets most
      appreciated :-).

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