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19355[ydn-javascript] extending Panel -- createModuleTemplate

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  • Martin Tschofen
    Oct 8, 2007
      I'm a bit challenged with the OO concepts in YUI and JS. 
      I'd like to extend the YUI Panel by adding some additional html. (wrap another div around header, footer and body).

      Obviously I still want the rest of the Panel work accordingly.

      When I add a new container in markup (I'd eventually want to do it via JS) YUI ignores the existing hd, bd, and ft inside the new container and creates it's own when needed.

      Is this possible?

      Looking through the source code I noticed a function : createModuleTemplate
      Could it be as easy as overloading this somehow? 

      Or do I have to create a new Panel subclass and extend the original one? (any examples available?)

      thanks in advance...martin