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1865Re: YUI: opensource project or not ?

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  • franck_342
    Jun 1, 2006
      > On 6/1/06, franck_342 <franck@...> wrote:
      > > By example, i'd like to speak about/add a new feature or fix a bug,
      > > can i do it ? how ?
      > Add a patch or include the patch in a feature request / bug report.
      Ok thanks for the answer.

      > > So finally ... YUI is a full opensource project or not ?
      > What makes you question whether it's an open source project or not?
      > Just because there's no svn access?
      I said "FULL opensource or not". YUI is opensource yes, i've got the
      source code.

      Be able to get the source code is a thing (for sure, the more important
      thing). Organizing tools and developements to be able to easily manage
      new features and bugfixes made by contributors (so not from Yahoo!
      team) is another thing.

      In a second time, when a (real and new) bug is discovered in current
      downloadable version, today, i can't download the last "snapshot" to
      test if the behavior is the same or not, before browsing existing bugs
      and perhaps open a new one.

      Btw, please take what i'm saying easy, it's not a negative criticism.
      It's already great to have YUI opensource like that, and i can use it
      like that .. Professionnal ajax/javascript frameworks often cost a
      lot ..

      Best regards, Franck
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