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1858YUI: opensource project or not ?

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  • franck_342
    Jun 1 7:46 AM
      YUI is great. Really.

      YUI Forum is on Yahoo!
      YUI project is on sourceforge.
      YUI Request Feature on sourceforge (new features are only made by the
      Yahoo! team ??)
      YUI Bug track is on sourceforge (bugfixes are only made by the Yahoo!
      team ??).
      YUI source code, with cvs/svn, not available, just an end user zip file.

      By example, i'd like to speak about/add a new feature or fix a bug, can
      i do it ? how ?

      Is there any coding standard and where can i download last developement
      tree ?

      Which features will be added ? users features and/or only Yahoo
      features ?

      So finally ... YUI is a full opensource project or not ?

      (it's just a question, perhaps i'm asking it to early ?)

      Best regards,
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