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17634Re: [ydn-javascript] Grids: 4 uneven Columns

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  • Eric Miraglia
    Sep 3, 2007

      On the Grids User's GuideNate Koechley links to Dav Glass's Grids Builder.  That's probably the quickest way for you to solve your problem.  Play around with that until you find the layout you're seeking, then click the "show code" button to see how it's done in grids markup.


      Eric Miraglia
      Yahoo! User Interface Library

      On Sep 2, 2007, at 2:40 AM, kaffeeringe wrote:

      Hi all!

      This is my first question here, so please don't smack me, if I do
      something wrong ;-)

      I am trying to implement a 4 column layout:
      narrow, wide, narrow, narrow

      I tried this

      <div class="yui-gc">
      <div class="yui-gf first">
      <div class="yui-u first">
      Block 1
      <div class="yui-u">
      Block 2
      <div class="yui-g">
      <div class="yui-u first">
      Block 3
      <div class="yui-u">
      Block 4

      But the layout breaks in both IE7 and FF2. Can anybody help me out?

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