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16037problems with drag handles...

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  • foggjacob
    Aug 1, 2007
      I have been having problems with the drag handle of the sizable
      panel... when I drag the handle to change the panels size, if I move
      the mouse too fast and the cursor hits another element (say a div with
      a :hover pseudo class) the handle seems to loose focus and the panel
      stops sizing... if you let the mouse button up it does not trigger the
      ondrag event to stop and with the button still up if you mouse over
      the handle it resumes to execute the ondrag event... the only way to
      cancel the ondrag event is to then click on the drag handle
      (presumably triggering the onmouseup event and canceling the ondrag
      event). The end result is very choppy movement and visually unpleasing
      response...especially on busy pages....

      I have considered overriding the ondrag method and rely on onmousemove
      instead, as follows:

      Onmousedown -> activate onmousemove event
      Onmouseup -> deactivate onmousemove event
      Onmousemove ->handle panel resize code

      However I don't currently have to time to devote to overriding the
      methodÂ… any other suggestions???
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