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16011Re: Missing POST data in IE6/7

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  • Derek
    Aug 1, 2007
      Another update. We have finally been able to reproduce the problem,
      but can't get enough information around what exactly is going on. It
      appears as if the problem occurs only in unpatched versions of IE6
      (and we assume unpatched IE7 as well.)

      We have tried to install Fiddler to check out what the connection
      status is, but it requires .NET and we are scared that installing that
      may patch up IE6 and solve the issue.

      Our current theory is this... When the client-side determines that a
      connection is taking too long, it calls Y!UI's abort method. Since
      these requests are POSTs, they can't actually be aborted. In our
      particular scneario, two POSTs are performed with one click, so we
      already have 2 POSTs getting processed at one time. Seeing the timed
      out request, the user hits the button again, creating a third and
      fourth request (automatically aborting the 2nd request if it hasnt

      At this point, since IE only supports 2 connections per domain, we now
      have 2 aborted POST requests that are still open, and two new pending
      POSTs. We think the problems occurs when one of the queued POST
      requests times out before it is ever given a chance to connect to the
      server. But again, since the POSTs can't really be aborted, when the
      server finally gets a chance to respond and ask the client for the
      POST data, the client has already moved on and done something else. As
      far as the JavaScript is concerned, the connection is over and done
      with. This is why the server gets the request and the headers, but no
      POST data. It would also explain why we never see any errors reported
      by the client. Y!UI has already removed all of the callbacks from the

      Is that a possible scenario?
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