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15091Drag and Drop a Module

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  • michael.aram
    Jul 1, 2007

      I'm working on a DD website based on the "sortable list" example.

      the problem is, that my draggable divs are no "yui modules" by
      default, i.e. i cant hide them easily

      what is the best way to inherit the module behaviour?

      I cannot simply say

      YAHOO.extend(YAHOO.xop.DDPortlet, YAHOO.widget.Module, {...}

      because my "DDPortlet" is already an extension of DDProxy:

      YAHOO.xop.DDPortlet = function(id, sGroup, config) {
      YAHOO.xop.DDPortlet.superclass.constructor.call(this, id, sGroup,
      Dom.setStyle(this.getDragEl(), "opacity", 0.4);
      this.goingUp = false;
      this.lastY = 0;

      YAHOO.extend(YAHOO.xop.DDPortlet, YAHOO.util.DDProxy, {...}

      what is the best approach here?