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14667how to retrieve record from datatable row selection ?

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  • capitch01
    Jun 19, 2007
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      I can't manage to retrieve the record corresponding to the selected row.

      I need to retrieve this record because when I populated my table, I
      added some hidden fields. So now these field are contained in the
      record, but not in the HTML.

      Here is the code of the row selection handler :

      var select = function(event , target) {
      myTable.onEventSelectRow(event, target); // run the default handler,
      not important
      var selected = tableGroups.getSelectedRecordIds();
      if (selected.length==0) {
      var record = myTable.getRecordSet().getRecord(selected[0]);

      The function always return error. the Id array len is always 0. But
      I'm sure that at this point the selection is made :If I use the
      function getSelectedRows(), it return an array of one HTML element.
      Still from this html element, I've no idea how the get the
      corresponding record. The record identifiers doesn't correspond to the
      html element IDs..

      thanks in advance for help !

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