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14069Re: Simple Datatable Filter Example

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  • Ted Husted
    Jun 3, 2007
      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "mgossmer" <mgossmer@...> wrote:
      > Hmm, no ideas?

      One common scenario might be to filter a DataTable based on the
      distinct values in a given field. For example, if there is a large list of
      employees, there might be a select box with the unique last names. One
      could then select "Gossmer" to filter the list to all employees named
      Gossmer. Likewise, another column might indicate home office, in which
      case we could filter for all employees in the "Tuscon" office or the
      "Delhi" office.

      In either case, the underlying RecordSet would not be replaced, but a
      new "filtered" RecordSet created. If the filter is relaxed, then the
      original RecordSet could be restored.

      Likewise, the select box could be populated from the original
      RecordSet. One might be able to mark a column "filterable" in the same
      we mark a column "sortable". The system could automatically create a
      list of distinct entries by looping through the RecordSet.

      I expect that the architecture would be similar to the RowFilter
      example, except that instead of using the autocomplete to filter the
      rows, we'd apply a simplier test, like the one used to sort columns.

      I haven't yet seen an example like this, but I think it could
      represent a common use case. It would be certainly worthwhile to post
      a "distinct filter" example in the YUI Sandbox or on Planet Yazaar, if
      someone were to code it.

      HTH, Ted.
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