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14036select, insert, update, delete on datatable.

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  • John Haig
    Jun 1, 2007

      I'm toying with the YUI datatable stuff.

      I'm wondering if there are any code samples out there for the complete
      suite of database interactions. I've finally succeeded with selecting
      data from a database and getting it into json format and onto a yui
      datatable! Yay.

      Now I'm onto the others. How do you add a row to a datatable?

      A google search for 'YUI datatable "insert row"' returned no results!

      How do you delete one?

      I'm hoping I'll be able to hack thru the 'onCellEdited' type events to
      send some json back to my server for the updates, etc, but if anyone
      has a working example of this, it might could save me loads of time.
      I'm working in JSP, but something in another language might help too.


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